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Kamloops Counselling

My Approach

Working from a person-centered, strength-based integrative counselling perspective, my primary focus is meeting the needs of my clients and using the approach that will be most beneficial for their healing and growth. At times, an example of an integrative approach may include combining the practice of mindfulness (physical, emotional and mental awareness) with the benefits of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in understanding the role of our thinking, feeling and behaviour in our experiences with anxiety.

At the heart of my work is the therapeutic relationship, a supportive process that respectively and collaboratively explores my client’s feelings, thoughts, behaviours, ideas and perspectives, allowing them to feel deeply heard and more confident in accessing their own inner wisdom in creating transformation and healing. As one becomes more in touch with and expresses their feelings in the secure knowledge that they will not be rejected or expected to be different, a sorting-out process often occurs within the mind that brings about a sense of peace. I believe that my role as your counsellor is being genuinely understanding and accepting of your journey (past, present and future), moving at a pace that is directed by you and being mindful of your personal life experiences and where you are at now, as we explore your values, beliefs, strengths and hopes for your future.

Central to my perspective of change, is the importance of self-compassion in guiding our choices, decisions and moment to moment responses to our everyday challenges. Through my own experiences working with clients, I have come to recognize that healing and transformation takes place when my clients are able to cultivate a compassionate curiosity towards themselves and a healthy internal voice that can guide them through their challenges in life. My work reflects a deep appreciation and sense of hopefulness for everyone’s ability to heal and grow even in the most difficult of situations.